What happens when you throw a paranormal party and nobody shows?

Ghost hunting is all about the waiting. No matter how many books you read, shows you watch,
or excursions you go out on yourself, you'll find that 99% of the investigations turn up with little more to show than a sore bottom and earnest EVP questions into a wobbly recorder. However, that's part of the deal: you wait - they reveal when they're ready. Sometimes you're lucky, like when my partner in Wee Ghosties and I recorded a phantom child during a brief EVP session in an alley in Winchester, Virginia. We saw nothing that would have indicated paranormal activity while we were there, just a story about a possible ghost. Of course, the man whose house we were unwittingly standing in front of (it was a bakery at one time and we thought was abandoned) startled the beejeebus out of us when he said howdy. Forget the dead: the living have a much more wicked sense of humor.

But on most of our investigations, it's all show and no gho(st). Recently, we had a case where the businessowner reported footsteps, voices, and feelings of being watched. I usually just get that when I'm trying to sleep and my seven-year-old wants a glass of water. During our investigation, we experienced little of these things, and found mundane causes for what we believe were other concerns. Was it a bust? Heck no. Each opportunity to experience something paranormal gives our curiosity a chance to stretch its legs and rediscover why we're in this crazy business. That floating head may be just around the corner. 

What evidence have you found of the paranormal? 

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Anonymous said...

In my experiences, I still get so much out of it when nothing happens. Cool photos. I can blog about the experiences. Depending on where I'm at, I learn a little about history. But I can very much relate. The last place my group investigated (unfortunately it was months ago) we were looking for evidence of a little girl in a building dating from 1867 that we know was at one time a bakery, but most likely also a saloon and who knows what else since then. It is currently a pizza place. Nice to find your blog.