How to catch a ghost by Rowyn (at age 9)

How to catch a ghost
by Rowyn

Paper and pencil
Tape recorder
Grown up
Extra batteries

Ghosts are sneaky things, they are hard to catch but if you’re patient maybe you can catch one on film! Ghosts can be found anywhere and not just on Halloween. Have you ever passed by a graveyard when the sun was setting and the shadows came out to play? There may have been a ghost hiding behind its gravestone! Graveyards and old houses aren’t the only places to find ghosts, hotels and schools sometimes have see-through visitors!

First: Ask around and see if anyone has some spooky things happening in their neighborhood. Many people think they have seen a ghost and might be happy to have you get some proof with your camera. Make sure you have permission first before going anywhere, you don’t want to go someplace where they’ll mistake you for a ghost!

Second: Get your equipment together in a backpack so you’ll have it when you need it. Go with an grownup to the area where ghosts have been known to visit. This can be any time of day, you don’t need to go at night.

Third: Get ready to wait. Write down the time that you started in your notebook. Make sure that you and your partner both have the same time on your watches.

Fourth: Have your camera ready. You don’t need an expensive one, a throwaway camera works just fine.

Five: Take out your thermometer and see what the temperature in the room is. Often ghosts are reported when it gets very cold. If you feel any cold spots in the room, snap away with your camera, you may get one in a picture! When you take a picture, write down the time you took it plus the number on the camera in your notebook so you’ll know which picture is which.

Six: When it’s quiet, turn on your tape recorder. Sometimes you can get sounds on tape that you don’t hear with your ears. Be careful when the tape recorder is on not to talk too much or you won’t hear what they’re saying!

Seven: Sit still for about an hour, more if you like. Try to feel around the area for cold spots and listen for knocks or banging in the walls. Sometimes ghosts will play with TVs and lights by turning them on and off or even move chairs and pictures so keep your eyes open for those too.

Eight: When you’re finished with your ghost hunt, thank the person who’s house you are in and be sure to clean up any trash you may have left there. It is important to always be respectful of the place you just visited.

When you get home, ask your mom to have the pictures developed and look for any strange shapes such as bubbles, lights or shadows that shouldn’t be there in the first place. Play back the tape on the tape recorder and listen carefully to see if there is anyone trying to leave you a message!

Ghost hunting takes time so don’t worry if you don’t find one the first time. Have fun!

The end.