Abram's Delight mini-investigation

Shew, that really was a dark and spooky night. October 27th brought  guests to Abram's Delight in Winchester, Virginia to roam around the 18th century mansion, get a little ghost hunting in with my investigative partner, LaMishia, and I and pause a minute before the coming of superstorm Sandy. We knew the night may hold some surprises due to Sandy whipping up the atmosphere and sparking a few ghosts. 

LaMishia and I waited in a small cabin adjacent to the large stone house; the historical society was loathe to disturb their resident ghosts so we worked by firelight and wove our own tales of spirits and how we coaxed them from hiding. Three groups stretched into seven as our guests shared their stories and we listened. EVPs were taken, Spectre Detectors used by the kids, most of the guests wanting to hear something -- anything -- to prove or disprove what they had come into the night believing. Abram's Delight kept its silence that night but we may return again to see what's under the surface of this lovely old home. 

My eldest heard footsteps in her room as they walked around to the foot of her bed when Sandy got her skirts in a flutter a few days later and we were without power on the mountain for four days. Did I bring someone home with me? I think it may have instead be one of the random ghosts I have or possibly one of the 250 people killed in the 70s from a plane crash a half mile from my house. But that's a story for another time.

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