Signs of a Haunting

There are many possible reasons for knocking in walls or disappearing remote controls but below are some signs that you may have more in your house than loose pipes and a remote-eating couch!

-Pets. It may not just be the phase of the moon! Some animals react to things that we cannot see by barking at a certain point in a room or refusing to enter areas, others will “watch” activity by tracking it with their eyes.

-Unexplained cold spots. Plug up those drafts and then see if you’re still walking into a drop in temperature. I find that my face will be cold but my back will be warm when I encounter something. You are usually able to discern a wobbly shape of the cold spot with your hands. Start a journal of when these cold spots occur and where. Try to find a pattern!

-Objects in the building vanish and then appear later.

-Electrical appliances turn themselves on or off. Most disturbing are the occurrences of objects that work without their required batteries! Forget the messages from beyond on the TV, they usually turn out to be from Tammy Faye…

-Nightmares. Someone could be reaching out and trying to contact you when you’re most vulnerable. Keep a log of when these happen; do they occur around special dates?

-Feeling of being watched. All right, this gets downright spooky when you think about it. Who needs a peeper?

-Strange odors. Of course it could be the Chinese food you’ve left under the couch for a month but if you’re noticing a smell that cannot be explained, such as roses wafting through a room in December, you may have a visitor.

-Movement out of the corner of your eye. We’ve all had it happen, something darts past us that is too quick to be seen. I blame my five year old but perhaps it’s something else…

-Floating heads. Ok, just wanted to see if you’re paying attention but this is a surefire way to tell if you’re being haunted. Apparitions vary from full-bodied ghosts to misty clouds.

Please remember to use common sense before jumping to the conclusion that you’re being haunted. Most cases are explained by natural causes or overactive imaginations. If you feel you’re being visited, write down when and where these occurrences happened. Do some research on the building, not just 20 years ago but 120 years ago. You never know what’s buried beneath your begonias.