Wanted: Haunted Objects stories

Just like the Girls' Ghost Hunting Guide, I love projects that sneak up quietly and slide right into awesome. Right before I left for the Haunted Mansion Writers Retreat, my agent dropped me a note that Llewellyn Publishing would like a peek at my proposal for Giving Up the Ghost: Spooky Tales of Haunted Objects -- something I had put on the back burner as another proposal Wee Beasties: A Field Guide for Curious Children was about to head out of the gate. What could we say? Dawn sent the proposal to my fabulous new editor, Amy, and now we're making the magic happen, baby!

Now this is where y'all come in: I would love to interview you for the new book with your first-hand haunted object stories! Toys, paintings, jewelry, furniture, mirrors -- come at me, bro. Email me at stacey.i.graham[at]gmail.com and let's chat!

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