Day two at the Haunted Mansion

Friday passed under the busy fingers of writing and diving into Scott's newest book. I hid myself away in an alcove on the third floor and cocked an ear for wayward sounds. No chains. No moaning. No...nothing. Apparently this place didn't get hopping until evening -- right when I finally took a nap to catch up with my jet lag. Steve burst into my room and pulled me from bed, something had happened to his brother, Dan. Writer, Weston Ochse, witnessed the events and wrote about the High Priestess of MoFo, Rain Graves, and her help in ridding my friend of his unfortunate attachment to what Rain called a "lesser entity." 

All I knew was that Dan told me he'd been pulled under the bed by an unseen force -- and he didn't look very good. I joined Dan downstairs and watched as he and Rain went through the last of their healing work together. I fell asleep a few hours later on a nearby couch only to wake up at 5a and head upstairs, ready to write and get the day movin'. 

At 5:30a, the ghosts woke up. For an hour, I heard furniture moving: chairs being drug, tables moved, heavy objects tossed around. I thought it was the staff preparing for a 9a breakfast but meeting Steve in the hallway at 6:45a, we tiptoed downstairs to see that nothing had been moved, no one stirring at that hour -- and that he hadn't heard a thing in his room next to mine. I take that back, he did hear something: he heard women whispering in his room, that's what woke him up.

Steve and I crept back to the third floor to take EVPs. No voices came through, no phantom wanted coffee. Scott woke up soon afterward and we started the day more accustomed to the flickering of the lights and listened for the slide of the rings of a shower curtain reported by another writer while alone in the bathroom. I knew that bathroom was up to no good.

The Ghost Girls arrived and set up cameras and voice recorders, and we listened to their findings from 2010. I learned a new trick from the girls: using two mag lite flashlights twisted to a nearly OFF position may garner you an answer or two from a ghost. As ghosts tap into its energy, the flashlight will turn itself on or off with varying power when asked questions. Yeah, I didn't believe it either. Until I did. Craziness, I tell you. Try this at home and tell me what you get.

Hours and calls of "DRINK ALL TEH COFFEE" later, I wrapped up my investigation. The house indeed was curious. I had experienced cold spots, flashing lights, and furniture that refused to obey the laws of gravity but could I explain it away? I'm a skeptic first and a ghost hunter second, so I'm still processing the information. Still interviewing writers who experienced first-hand phenomena and will contact others before I make my conclusions. I can't wait to see the video the Ghost Girls captured and if, for a moment, there was something in the room on the other side of mine. The one that taunted Rain and Sephera years before with whispers. I heard nothing, but perhaps they voices weren't meant for me.

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