Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)

To give yourself a serious case of the willies, try your hand at capturing Electronic Voice Phenomena (or EVPs). You know how dogs can hear whistles outside of human hearing? EVPs work along similar paths. Those whispers you "thought" you heard coming from your closet may be something after all. One theory is that living humans are not in tune with the frequency ghosts are so we can't pick up on when they're trying to get our attention. EVPs are one way paranormal investigators are now trying to communicate with ghosts.

Using a voice recorder, you may be able to pick up on that ghost doing interpretive dance in the corner. Ask questions clearly, pausing between them so you can hear your answer.

  • Using a hand-held device such as a mini-voice recorder, begin your investigation by speaking clearly into the microphone by stating your name, date, location and who is with you

  • Begin to ask questions as you walk around the area. What is your name? Your age? What was happening at the time of your death (so you can find out when they died)? Get creative, you never know what they'll come back with

  • Some noises are man-made: car outside, coughing, tripping over a table in the dark, etc. Be sure to record that in your notes and on the voice recording so you won't think it's a ghost later

  • When you've finished asking your questions, stop the recording. Play it back when you have a quiet moment, be sure to take notes and share the recording with the other investigators on your team for their interpretation
Noises to listen for:
  • Obvious voices that are not from your team
  • Breathing
  • Scratching
  • Static
  • Animals
  • Unidentifiable noises 

Click here to listen to an EVP my WEE Ghosties team recorded at the West Virginia Penitentiary in 2008. We spent the night in a spooky abandoned prison and while we didn't see or hear a thing as we wandered the cold rooms, they apparently noticed us.

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