Ghost hunting birthday parties

Spooky ghost stories are fine at sleepovers but what if your child wants a bit more zing to their fling? Armed with flashlights, digital recorders and cameras, a ghost hunting birthday party for your child puts a spin on traditional celebrations. Get the party started with episodes from their favorite ghost hunting television show or Scooby Doo then go over the basics:
  • No one goes into an area alone
  • Everyone stays within shouting distance of each other
  • An adult will be present at all times
  • Remember to leave a place as you found it - no garbage, damage or leftover birthday cake
Discover haunted places to explore via favorite books or The Shadowlands online (as well as other directories) before the party and call ahead to make sure it's an appropriate place for children to climb around as well as permission from the property owner if needed.

Arm them with their own ghost hunting kits:
  • Notebooks
  • Pencils
  • Disposable camera
  • Stopwatch or watch
  • Flashlight
  • Compass for EMF recordings
  • Digital voice recorder for teams to share
  • A copy of the Girls' Ghost Hunting Guide. Packed with tips, party games, decoration ideas, recipes, plus an excellent guide to learning to investigate the paranormal by deductive reasoning and FUN! Visit the Girls' Ghost Hunting Guide website today!

Start off the investigation by dividing the party into teams (if a large party) and assign partners. Make sure there is an adult with each group. As the kids explore the area, have them ask questions as the voice recorder runs, pausing between questions to hopefully capture an answer back. If the sugar rush from the cake has worn off, have them sit for ten minutes at a time and observe the area. Have them write down in their notebooks any changes in temperature, smells, sounds, etc, so they can share later with their friends and interpret what they experienced.

At the end of the party, have them create a group ghost story using the location you just visited with themselves as the investigators. Their notes may be used to fill in blank spots in the story, and share the voice recording- writing down anything that may come across as ghostly. Make a CD of the recordings to send home with each guest in their ghost hunting kit and a copy of the ghost story to share with their family.

Download your own Phantom Party Packet from the Girls' Ghost Hunting Guide as a PDF! Games, quizzes, decorations and food ideas for your next ghost adventure!

Have fun!

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Courtney from Haunt Jaunts said...

What a great idea! I want to do this for my birthday party. Why didn't I think of that before???

stacey said...

I think it would be an excellent adult party... just leave out Scooby Doo. ;)

I'm planning a kids' ghost hunting,summer camp in 2012, want to be a counselor? =]

mooni said...

This is great! I am having a Ghost Hunting Birthday Party tomorrow night. We are planing on watching Ghost Whisperer! We have someone coming to the house to give kids Ghost Hunting 101 lesson (no ouije boards allowed), I also purchased each of the girls a book from the series "Suddenly Super Natural" for part of the goodie bag. Thanks to this site I was given some other great goodie bag ideas! Keep up the great work!

Last but not least we will be going Ghost Hunting:) (DAYLIGHT time, Cant afford a bunch of girls scared at the sleepover. lol)

mooni said...
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stacey said...

Excellent! Have a great time and please wish her a very happy birthday from the Wee Ghosties!

Unknown said...

Is there a boy version of this?? My son is obsessed with Ghost Adventures and wants to have a ghost hunting party for his bday

stacey said...

Hey Stacy!
There isn't a boy version but the information is solid for either gender. You could always buy the book and wrap the cover or take notes, use the party information, and give the book away to a friend!

Happy birthday!