Follow up on random hauntings

Well, we can't say I didn't give it a good try. After charting the oddities that stroll through my house at night for a few weeks, I came up with:
  • sleepwalking preschooler
  • dogs with... gas
  • more children with gas - what the heck am I feeding them?
  • EVPs with nothing but a ticking clock. I don't have a ticking clock.
So, aside from the clock anomaly, there wasn't much to go on this time around. I haven't had a repeat of the child vision nor felt any eyes that didn't belong to a family member wanting juice boring into the back of my head. This supports my previous post on the random nature of hauntings. Sometimes they just pass through and we're in the way.

What are your thoughts on random hauntings? Have you been subjected to a pop-in ghostie?

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Jon A. said...

I live in a fairly new home, and my parents have lived in it since it was first constructed. I have only had ONE experience in this home, one that I could not brush off. During one lazy afternoon during the summer, I was taking a shower. As I exited the shower and was about to grab my towel, I heard a voice say "You're naked". The voice spoke in a whispering tone, but it was seemingly loud enough to echo through the entire bathroom. Before it had finished speaking I had grabbed my towel, and a mere second after it spoke I ripped my bathroom door open. I saw nothing. I prodded and scoured every bit of my house. Checking every room, closet, and hidden corner. After my search, I realized I was home alone. This took place about 6 years ago, but I will never forget the voice.