Spirit photography

Ghost or toast? Sometimes it can be hard to tell, especially when you're in the right mindset to see something. I spent the weekend watching a whole lot of ghost-related shows a friend had taped and after I stuck my eyes back in my head, I wasn't so sure I could tell the difference.

Then along came this little gem. The photographer assured me there were no weather anomalies, it was too warm for cold breath and she doesn't smoke. So what did she photograph out in the woods last weekend?

You tell me.


Katie - OCMomActivities said...

Hmmm. Since I'm not a professional... I'll just say something cool! LOL.

Emperor said...

There are alot of plausible explanations for this one. There are alot of suspicions as well. We would need something more concrete in an apparition, and maybe even a background story to go with...otherwise this looks like a dervish.