Goldfield Hotel

Elizabeth’s last moments were of torture and terror. Chained to the radiator in Room 109, the prostitute carrying the child of the Goldfield Hotel’s owner, George Winfield, cried out in the night for mercy but found only emptiness. As soon as the child was born, it was ripped from her hands and disposed of down the chute of the abandoned gold mine over which the hotel was built. Psychics say Elizabeth was either left to die there or was murdered soon afterwards, nonetheless, her spirit is trapped within the small room.

A reporter from the Las Vegas Sun came to research more about the entity in 1984, seventy-six years after the hotel opened. Taking a photograph of the room, he reported later that it was intensely cold and that floating near the ceiling was the image of a girl with long flowing hair. Later, the Lt. Governor was being shown the property and the guests were taking photographs all over the building. Only in Room 109, the cameras refused to work and they were left with nothing.

On the first floor, the George Winfield Room is said to be haunted by his shade, the smell of cigar smoke and ashes being found periodically. Once, fresh ashes were discovered within a fuse box that had not been opened in over 50 years. Winfield’s presence has also been felt by the giant lobby staircase, along with that of a midget and two small children. In the Gold Room, a ghost seems to stab people as they visit, not terribly neighborly of him…

Some psychics say the Goldfield Hotel is one of the seven portals to the other side. At the time of this writing (February 2001) the hotel is up for sale for the bargain price of $427,000 in back taxes.


Unknown said...

The Goldfield is the most haunted in nevada. We are going again for an investigation. I will keep you updated.

stacey said...

Excellent, I can't wait to hear what happens!