Ghost in the mirror

Ok, I’ll admit it; mirrors freak me out. Aside from the usual wake-up shock I get every morning, I just don’t feel comfortable around big shiny things that can blind you in sunlight and let in the shadows at night. Alice had it all wrong, stay on this side of the looking glass.

There are many stories of the supernatural being trapped behind the smooth perfection of glass, remember the Magic Mirror in Snow White? Perhaps it wasn’t just a story after all, take away the woodland creatures and you have a witch talking to a ghost in a mirror. You will always find a large ugly mirror with chipping silver backing in old movies, I think it’s the same one in every film before 1972. About 20 feet tall and gothic, it features every freakish monster you could imagine creeping up on a blonde brushing her hair in her underwear.

Mirrors seem to catch the breath of its subjects. There's always the chance that they see more than we do and keep its secret.

Happy Friday the 13th!


WritingAllNight said...

I hate closets. Mirrors, fine. But the other night when I went upstairs I re-closed a closet door and something /pushed/ it back.

I didn't sleep well at all.

WritingAllNight said...

btw, I tagged you with Jen's meme. Don't kill me!

Andrea said...

I'm not a big mirror fan myself. There's too many stories and superstitions surrounding them.

Carolyn Erickson said...

Ooh, my mirror is so pretty though. It has this picture of a beautiful smiling writer every time I look in it! :D

Wait - maybe it IS haunted!


Stacey said...

Give me a ring if the reflection starts talking back! ;)