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I am constantly searching for great ghost books. As a writer of ghost stories and a fan of the odd and strange, I stalk old bookstores for a forgotten treasure - a personal memoir. Not all are written well; some are short and have spotty descriptions, others have more creativity than a reader is able to swallow. But still...I search.

Below are some of my favorites from my bookshelf. Have a great one? Please leave me a note in the comments, we'll start our own Wee Ghosties collection!

- Ghosts - Caught on Film by Dr. Melvyn Willin
Loved this book and wish I'd thought of it first! Detailing some of the most famous photographs from the Society of Psychical Research archives, it gives a bit of history along with the image.

-Coast to Coast Ghosts by Leslie Rule

Ghosts run in her family as well as writing; the daughter of Ann Rule, Ms Rule is an excellent storyteller in her collection of true stories from across the USA.

-Ghosts in American Houses by James Reynolds
Ghostly folk tales retold by the author is a great old book to have up on the bookshelf for a dark and stormy night.

-Grave's End by Elaine Mercado

Probably my favorite personal account of a haunting, Ms Mercado's book takes a real look at how living in a haunted house affects the entire family.

-Possessed Possessions vol. I & II by Ed Okonowicz
I'm a sucker for haunted objects and Mr Okonwicz has spun some great tales around antiques, furniture and things lurking under on the curio cabinet.

-GHOSTS by Hans Holzer

-A huge tome that should be required reading by all ghost hunters. Mr. Holzer's career spans decades and continents. His recent passing is a loss for many of us with a fascination for the world beyond.

-The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson
By far, my favorite book in the world. Ms Jackson was a master storyteller and this gripping novel leaves you shaken.

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Anonymous said...

I have the Ghosts caught on Film book, it is very good.

There are so many good paranormal books out there, I also love finding one of the better ones.

CJ xx