Kids have a natural affinity to communicate with spirits, heck, they're made up of extra energy! Many times you'll find if there is activity within an area, a child may be able to access it more readily than an adult.

I like working with kids so much that I wrote a book about how they can learn more about ghost hunting in a safe and responsible way. Please visit The Girls' Ghost Hunting Guide for tips, how to capture Electronic Voice Phenomena and what to pack in your ghost hunting bag. It's a great sleepover books as well with games, recipes, ghost stories and how to write your own ghostly tales.

Now for the fun part~
I LOVE hearing ghost stories from kids. I have five daughters and they help me pack my ghost huntin' bag when I go out on investigations! Curiosity is encouraged and I'm excited to hear what y'all have to tell me! Please email me at with questions or comments. I hear from a lot of kids looking for research papers in school, I'd be happy to chat with you too!


thedifferentone1 said...

i have ghost stuff happen at my house, of course im a kid:P
they let me talk to them and i can hear it more then my parents... they can only hear acouple of recordings....they still dont believe me:[

Anonymous said...

theirs wierd stuff going on at my scool,im 11 years old and me and my friends have made a grupe called the P. I. G.s (paranormal investigation girls) we investigate every recces and have got voices and hoove prints and pictures writen in the sand at the baseball fiend (still at the school) we have also seen shadow figures and devil type things. any advice????????

stacey said...

:thedifferentone1- Have you shared the recordings with your parents? Has anyone else experienced activity in the house and have you checked to make sure it doesn't have a reasonable explanation? Check out all possibilities first before deciding it's a ghost, your parents will be sure to listen if you approach them with proof. Good luck!

:Anon- Take photos! Ask the staff if they've seen anything weird around the building or fields, and follow up any ghost stories with research. Be sure to keep a log of when you see activity and look for patterns so you'll catch them next time. Good luck!