Ahhh, the internet. A good place to find marked down prescription drugs, eBay leftovers and freaks who want to show you something your mother told you never to look at. It is also a brand new world of information with podcasting! While internet radio has been around for years, podcasting has exploded in the last year or so with more broadband connections in homes. Always on the cusp (another way of calling us geeks), ghost hunters are responding with shows that help to illuminate the darkness and shine the light of truth into the spooky crap. Ok. I'm a geek too. There. Happy now?

Please peruse the sidebar under my Wee Ghostie mascot to take a peek at some great work out on the airwaves. I'll be switching them out periodically so if you have a podcast that you'd like featured here, give me a jingle!

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Hey just stopped by..you've been busy :)